Horizon cloud on Azure – Floating desktop assignment

Before jumping into steps, let me take sometime to explain about Floating desktops - floating assignment are quite opposite to dedicated assignment where  user receives different desktops with a different machine name with each login. With floating desktop assignments, you can create desktops that shifts of users can use and

Horizon cloud on Azure – Dedicated desktop assignment

Dedicated desktop: In a dedicated assignment, each desktop gets mapped to a specific user. Each mapped user connects to the same desktop at every login. When a particular dedicated VDI desktop is mapped to a specific user, that desktop is said to be assigned to that user. As mentioned in the post ,

Horizon cloud on Azure – Roles and permissions

Admin Console's role-based access control is to determine which administrative privileges are granted to an Active Directory user accounts. When logging in to the Admin portal, the second login screen uses the Active Directory account credentials, Roles and permission feature as shown below, provides predefined roles that you can assign

Horizon cloud on Azure – delete only UAG’s

Admin portal in Horizon cloud on Azure provides you an option to delete only UAG's, this is very straight forward with few clicks: Logon to the Horizon Cloud here using the ‘My VMware’ account credentials and navigate to capacity section under settings. Click on pod name to open the details page Summary >