VSAN troubleshooting commands

Here are some of the important commands that can be used while troubleshooting vSan:  Please note this is for quick ref if you are looking for commands and detailed explanation will be given in posts. Get the total number of hosts that are part of vsan cluster: esxcli vsan cluster get Manually join

snapshot vmem file in vSan data store

Recently I got a request from one of the VSAN customers to provide the memory dump of a vm. To generate the same, we will have to take the snapshot of specific vm with memory box checked. Pick the vm  > right click > snapshot > take snapshot > give a

vSan object checksum

VSAN Object Checksum: VSAN 6.2 introduced a new feature called object checksum which is enabled by default, but may be enabled or disabled on per virtual machine/object basis via VM storage policies and this policy does end-to-end software checksum to avoid data integrity issues arising due to problems on the underlying storage

Enable Dedup and Compression in vSan cluster

Deduplication and Compression is one of the feature set introduced in vsan 6.2, specifically for AF drives. If you want to know the difference between AF and hybrid, refer my previous post . Pre-requisites to enable Deduplication and Compression: How to enable: