Horizon cloud on Azure – Upgrade pod to next version

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In IT world, upgrade is always a tedious task and involves lots of pre checks, process, schedule, implement , post checks etc.. But in Horizon cloud on Azure, upgrade is very simple as you will know in next few mins.. Refer to VMware docs page  to know more details about the features in new versions:

In this pod, I will be taking you through the upgrade of pod from 1600.x (v 2.1) to 1763.x (v 2.2)

How to find the version of your pod from admin portal ?

Logon to the Horizon Cloud here using the ‘My VMware’ account credentials and navigate to capacity section under settings. Version shows the pod version as shown in below example:

Once new version is released, VMware makes it available to customers to upgrade pod to next version. This is blue – green upgrade, once green appliances are available, migration to next version can be scheduled from admin portal itself.

How to confirm if the pod is ready for upgrade ? 

In Admin portal > capacity > pod status will change to pending state and

Under summary section of the pod, schedule update will be shown as marked in below screenshot. If the upgrade is not available this option (Schedule update) will be grayed out.

  • Blue: Current version
  • Green: Desired version where is pod will be upgraded.

High availability section shows both blue and green appliances.


As mentioned before, just click on schedule update and provide the date/time, based on the mentioned timings, migration triggers and green appliance becomes active and pod version changes to green appliance version (in this scenario it is 1763.2).

Admin portal shows this notification about the upgrade schedule

Once migration successfully completes, version can be checked in pod summary page.

Pod high availability section shows only one pod now with upgraded version as Active.

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