Tanzu Application Platform: Getting started with Learning Center

Prerequisites DNS Records Tanzu Learning Center allocates a wildcard subdomain for your workshops and content. This wildcard should be pointed at the external IP address of the tanzu-system-ingress's envoy service. Kubernetes cluster requirements Installation requires: Kubernetes cluster versions 1.20, 1.21, or 1.22 on one of the following Kubernetes providers: Azure Kubernetes Service Amazon Elastic

Tips to secure your Tanzu application platform workloads

Overview The Tanzu Application Platform is a cloud-native application platform that enables organizations to build, deploy, and manage modern applications efficiently. While it offers numerous benefits in terms of scalability, flexibility, and productivity, it is essential to address the security aspects of the platform. Securing workloads in the Tanzu Application Platform

Integrating Okta authentication with Tanzu Application Platform

Integrating Okta authentication with the Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) can provide several benefits for your application: Single Sign-On (SSO): Okta offers robust SSO capabilities, allowing users to authenticate once and gain access to multiple applications seamlessly. With TAP and Okta integration, users can log in to TAP and access their

Speed App Delivery using Tanzu Application Platform and GitOps

Introduction: The world of application development has changed drastically over the years, with an increased focus on automation and continuous delivery. Companies are looking to accelerate their application delivery to keep up with the ever-changing market demands. This is where Tanzu Application Platform comes in. Tanzu Application Platform is a comprehensive

Tanzu Application Platform – Tech Docs using Azure Storage

Overview TechDocs is Spotify’s homegrown docs-like-code solution built directly into Backstage. Engineers write their documentation in Markdown files which live together with their code - and with little configuration get a nice-looking doc site in Backstage. For this post, I have TAP GUI running as part of view profile in multi cluster

Tanzu Application Platform – Setting up GitHub Authentication for TAP GUI

Overview Tanzu Application Platform GUI extends the current Backstage’s authentication plug-in so that you can see a login page based on the authentication providers configured at installation. The Backstage core-plugin-api package comes with a GitHub authentication provider that can authenticate users using GitHub or GitHub Enterprise OAuth. To add GitHub authentication, you must create

Tanzu Application Platform – Security Analysis

Overview The Security Analysis plug-in summarizes vulnerability data across all workloads running in Tanzu Application Platform, enabling faster identification and remediation of CVEs, part of Tanzu Application Platform Full and View profiles. In TAP-GUI, Security Analysis plug-in is accessible from the left navigation panel. Click the Security Analysis button to open the

TAP Multi Cluster – App Live View

Overview Application Live View is a lightweight insights and troubleshooting tool that helps app developers and app operators to look inside running applications. It is based on the concept of Spring Boot Actuators. The application provides information from inside the running processes using endpoints, in this case, HTTP endpoints. Application Live View

TAP Multi Cluster (1.3) : Part 2 – Install TAP With OOTB-Supply Chain Testing and Scanning using ACR Repo

 Overview The installation order is flexible given the ability to update the installation with a modified values file using the tanzu package installed update command. For this demo, I will be installing TAP in following order:  View Build Run Iterate Add Build, Run, View and Iterate clusters to TAP GUI Install View