Tanzu Application Service – Part 6 : Install TAS

To install TAS using ops manager, you first need to upload the software bundle to ops manager VM. ssh to jumpbox that is created earlier - ref to post : Execute the command pivnet products in jumpbox to verify the access, otherwise login to pivnet cli as mentioned in post Download TAS Just like

Tanzu Application Service – Part 5 : Install Bosh director

In my earlier post, we have seen the process to deploy resources like terraform, ops manager, DNS binding etc.. After login to ops manager (https://pcf.<env name>.<domain name>), BOSH director is displayed as tile in dashboard with orange colour which indicates pending further configuration. click on the tile "Bosh Director for GCP" Google

Tanzu Application Service – Part 4 : DNS binding in GCP

In continuation to previous post : Navigate to GCP console > Network Services > Cloud DNS, terraform automatically creates a zone by default with DNS name as <<envname>>.<<domainname>> (in my case it is captainv-pilot.captainvirtualization.in.) For this demo, I am using my existing domain name - captainvirtualization.in, which I purchased from go

Tanzu Application Service – Part 1: Create Jumpbox in GCP

In this post, I will take you through the steps to deploy a jumpbox in gcp which is used for all admin related tasks. You can do this from your local machine, but it is good practice to do everything from a jumpbox, where you can avoid downloading and uploading