Horizon cloud on Azure – Floating desktop assignment

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Before jumping into steps, let me take sometime to explain about Floating desktops – floating assignment are quite opposite to dedicated assignment where  user receives different desktops with a different machine name with each login. With floating desktop assignments, you can create desktops that shifts of users can use and that should be sized based on the maximum number of concurrent users. For example, 30 users can use an assignment of 10 desktops if they work in shifts of 10 users at a time. With floating desktop assignments, the user might see different host names for each desktop session.

As mentioned in the post , steps are very similar like importing image from market place and convert to image, since I am writing this to explain about provisioning floating desktops – select Desktop OS instead of Server.

  • Here is the summary page while downloading image for desktop type:

  • After the image is successfully imported and converted, then state should change to Published

Create an Assignment for Floating desktops

  • Select Floating under Type > fill in all required detailed as shown below:

Note: ” i ” symbol next to every field gives detailed summary.

  • Though I have selected default values, you can use custom values i.e., Quiescing desktop , power management etc..

  • Provide the AD user groups who can access the desktops in the assignment and yes, these options can be added/modified at later point of time as well.


  • Review the summary page and Submit.

  • You can launch the desktops either using browser or horizon client, below I am showing from browser.. After successful login, users can see list of assignment that is currently assigned to user / group. Click on assignment ..


Desktop launches, since this is floating assignment there is no guarantee you will be given same desktop on your next login.


Thanks for Reading..