Horizon cloud on Azure – Roles and permissions

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Admin Console’s role-based access control is to determine which administrative privileges are granted to an Active Directory user accounts. When logging in to the Admin portal, the second login screen uses the Active Directory account credentials, Roles and permission feature as shown below, provides predefined roles that you can assign to your Active Directory groups.

Every role has its own significance and let me give a short note on each of it:

  • Super Administrator: A mandatory role that you must assign to at least one group in the Active Directory domain and if required to others. This role grants all the permissions to perform management actions in the admin portal.
  • Help Desk Administrator: The purpose of this role is to provide access to the admin portal, so that Active Directory groups with this role can work with the user related issues like, seeing the status of end user sessions and perform troubleshooting operations on the sessions.
  • Help Desk Read Only Administrator:  This role is to provide access to the admin portal so that your Active Directory groups with this role  to see the status of end user sessions.
  • Demo Administrator:Demo administrators can only view the settings and select options to see additional choices in the console.

Mapping the AD groups to any of the mentioned roles is easy,

  • In Admin portal, navigate to Settings > Roles & Permissions > click on any of the role and Edit >  AD group name and save.

  • AD group name will be shown next to the specific role:

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