Tanzu Application Service – Part 4 : DNS binding in GCP

Reading Time: 3 mins

In continuation to previous post : Navigate to GCP console > Network Services > Cloud DNS, terraform automatically creates a zone by default with DNS name as <<envname>>.<<domainname>> (in my case it is captainv-pilot.captainvirtualization.in.)

For this demo, I am using my existing domain name – captainvirtualization.in, which I purchased from go daddy. If your domain name is not purchased in godaddy, you should be following a different approach based on your domain provider.

Create a new DNS zone in GCP console: Network Services > Cloud DNS zone > Fill in Name and DNS name: > Create

This new DNS zone creates NS records like below:

Log in to Go daddy console > Domains > click on Domain > scroll down to Manage DNS > Name servers > Change. copy the name servers collected in above step from GCP console and save, this process should take some time to reflect in go daddy portal.

Navigate back to GCP console > Network Services > Cloud DNS zone > {zone created earlier i.e., captainzone in my case} > Add record set:

  • DNS Name: <<envname>>
  • Resource Record Type: NS
  • Name server: collect the name servers from default created zone i.e., <<envname>>-zone of DNS name as <<envname>>.<<domainname>> having NS record type.

Wait for few minutes and access the pcf portal (pcf.<<envname>>.<<domainname>>) in web browser, web page should open with certificate warnings which can be ignored for now.

In configure authentication page: select “internal Authentication”

Give User name as admin and password of your choice, any passphrase which has 20 characters

Login with your credentials. You will be able to observe home page of ops manager.