Tanzu Application Service – Part 5 : Install Bosh director

Reading Time: 4 mins

In my earlier post, we have seen the process to deploy resources like terraform, ops manager, DNS binding etc.. After login to ops manager (https://pcf.<env name>.<domain name>), BOSH director is displayed as tile in dashboard with orange colour which indicates pending further configuration.

click on the tile “Bosh Director for GCP

Google Config

Project ID: Enter the value of project from terraform.tfvars file you created earlier or from gcp console.

Default Deployment Tag: Enter the value of env_name from your terraform.tfvars file.

The ops manager VM Service account: leave to default and click Save


Director Config

NTP Servers: enter or your preferred ip (if any).

  • Select Enable VM Resurrector Plugin checkbox
  • Enable Post Deploy Scripts.

Leave all other settings unchanged and Save

Create Availability Zones

Configure the BOSH director to allocate jobs across multiple Availability Zones (AZs).

Hint: use the same list of availability zones already specified in your terraform.tfvars file. In my case it is: asia-south1-a, asia-south1-b, asia-south1-c


Create Networks

With ref to previous step i.e., mentioned in post , terraform created networks in GCP to be used by BOSH director while creating vm’s.

Navigate to google cloud console > VPC Networks > expand the network created by terraform with naming convention as <<ENV Name>>-pcf-network and 3 subnets created as shown in below screenshot

                    • << ENV_NAME >>-infrastructure-subnet

                    • << ENV_NAME >>-pas-subnet

                    • << ENV_NAME >>-services-subnet

Enable ICMP: unchecked

Use the Add Network button to create an Ops Manager network. Click on Add Network button 3 times to create 3 networks. Give the names of networks as

                  • infrastructure
                  • pas
                  • services

Note: Google Network Name is very imp in establishing the mapping from BOSH director down to the IaaS (GCP)



#Infrastructure ex:


#Pas ex:

#Services ex:

CIDR: Can be collected from google cloud console > VPC Networks > <<ENV Name>>-pcf-network > IP address ranges

Reserved IP Ranges: First 10 ip addresses, ex: for infrastructure network with /24 subnet, I reserved

DNS: enter or your preferred ip (if any)

Gateway: Can be collected from google cloud console > VPC Networks > <<ENV Name>>-pcf-network > Gateways

Availability Zones: Select all and Save

In below screenshot, I have shown only infrastructure network, but you will have to create for all 3 i.e., infrastructure, pas and services. 

Assign AZs and Networks

Singleton Availability Zone:  Preferred AZ is to deploy the BOSH director to a different AZ than the Ops Manager VM.

Network: select Infrastructure network


Ensure to select “Include Tanzu Ops Manager Root CA in Trusted Certs

Resource Config

Increase the Master Compilation Job to 8, which helps in faster completion of bosh deployments.

Verify all the configure jobs are green and healthy as shown below:

If no errors found, then navigate to Installation dashboard > Review Pending changes > Apply Changes. Should take some where around 20-30 minutes to complete.

Once done, You can see a new vm instance deployed in google cloud console with label as deployment : p-bosh