Install cert-manager using TMC Catalog

Reading Time: 2 mins

In this post, let me take you through the steps to push cert-manager package into TKG cluster from TMC Console. If you are looking for detailed steps to deploy TKG cluster on Azure, refer to post. I have already attached the workload cluster (capv-workload) into TMC using TMC CLI. Refer to post to know the steps for attaching workload cluster.

Install cert-manager

In TMC Console: Catalog > select cluster capv-workload from drop down and click on cert-manager

  • Click on Install Package which can be found on top right side of the page

  • Name the Installed package name as : capv-workload-certm and click NEXT

  • Package install resources: Leave to Default and click NEXT
  • Configure values: Install Package

Verify the pods

kubectl get pods -n cert-manager

Post checks

In TMC Console: Clusters > capv-workload > Add-ons > Installed > check if the package ( is succeeded and healthy