Install Contour package using TMC Catalog

Reading Time: 2 mins

In this post, let me take you through the steps to push contour package into TKG cluster from TMC Console. If you are looking for detailed steps to deploy TKG cluster on Azure, refer to post. I have already attached the workload cluster (capv-workload) into TMC using TMC CLI. Refer to post to know the steps for attaching workload cluster.

In TMC Console: Catalog > select cluster capv-workload  from drop down and click on Contour

  • Click on Install Package which can be found on top right side of the page

  • Name the Installed package name as : capv-workload-contour and click NEXT

  • Package install resources: Leave to Default and click NEXT
  • Configure values: Provide below values
type: LoadBalancer

  • Install Package

In TMC Console: Clusters > capv-workload > Add-ons > Installed > check if the package ( is succeeded and healthy

  •  Verify the envoy Load Balancer, this IP will be used later.
kubectl get svc -n tanzu-system-ingress --kubeconfig ~/.kube/config-tkg